Re-imagining iconic photography

As art students, one of the best ways to learn a new process, technique, or style is to look at other artwork for influence and ideas.

For this assignment students were asked to choose a photograph that they admire and recreate it in their own creative vision. The top image is the original photograph and the bottom image is the student's work.


MARY KATE (original by Bruce Davidson)

AMBER (original by Ansel Adams)

ARIEL (original by Man Ray)

BECCA (original by Ilse Bing)

BRAIDEN (original by Helmut Newton)


ERICA (original by Mary Ellen Mark)

JENNIFER (original by John Baldessari)

JOHN (original by Walker Evans)

LIAM (original photograph by Edward Weston)

MARIE (original photograph by Mary Ellen Mark)

SKEATS (original photograph by Torsten Blackwood/ Getty Images)

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