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image by Toni Pepe

NOVEMBER 8, 5-8pm:

Opening Reception for new exhibitions at the Center for Photography at Woodstock.
6pm: talk with solo exhibition artist Toni Pepe
7pm: panel discussion about group exhibition Converging Margins with artists and curator Leah Oates.

Free food!
59 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498
learn more here.

NOVEMBER 20, 5-7pm:

art by SUNY Ulster's fine art faculty
Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery


Portrait Lighting

Portrait lighting demonstrations and shooting in class this week...


samples from assignment #1

This assignment was all about exploring how light & shadow shape the world around us. In a photograph, light & shadow can be used to represent our emotions and/or a narrative we are trying to tell.

For the first part of the assignment, students were asked to shoot 50-75 shots. For every one of these shots, they were to find a scene where shadows make interesting patterns or shapes.

I suggested that they would have the best luck with this assignment if they shoot when the sun is out and the light bright, but not directly overhead (not to shoot between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m).

After they finished Part 1 of this assignment, they were required to shoot another 50-75 shots. This time, they were to look at light and shadow as a tool to emphasize the elements of your picture and evoke a mood, rather than using them as a distinct design element.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please leave comments.

This includes 2 selections from each of several students:













first critique

here are a few images from our first critique. it was a great night and i think everyone has come a long way. i will post student work from the assignment Exploring Light and Shadow next week.

Group photo of students from Photo 1

working hard in the lab- up until the last minute.

reviewing work is challenging but offers a valuable learning experience for everyone.

more to come...so stay posted...

interesting websites

image by Vincent Laforet

these are some websites that I wanted to share...just click on the name for the link.

image by Scott Strazzante

posted by Cailin O'Neal.