Final critique

It is almost over. The class presented their final projects on Wednesday and really did a great job. Each student got the chance to create their own topic for this project which produced some very interesting & wonderful images (I will post some samples over the weekend).

We had a great time eating food, drinking cider and discussing art.

Group photo of the class.

Leah talking about her portraits.

Debra discussing how photography has been a creative tool to help her express herself.

As a manager of a McDonald's, Leah documented the "behind the scenes" of the restaurant for her project.

An architect major, Robert's interest in shape, form and environment was present in his work.

Christen discusses how she documented her special quiet place in the mountains.

Inspired by the work of Elinor Carucci, Robin used this project to express the closeness between her and her fiance.

Kelly explored local landscapes.

Kaitlyn documented her cousin and her relationship to her grandmother.

Amie is hanging her project based on abstractions. We spent her critique guessing what each photograph was.

Cailin waits for the night to begin. For her assignment, she documented a local seed bank. She is very passionate about the work they do and it comes across in her images.